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Night Nanny

Maternity Nurse

night nanny

Laure Nurse Bordeaux, nursery assistant for 23 years

Laure Lemonnier nurse childcare assistant

Night Nurse - returning from maternity leave

Laure Nurse Bordeaux "Tendres Histoires" was created to meet new needs. More and more grandparents are still working, which means that many parents are now isolated. I travel to Bordeaux - CUB and the surrounding area (Cap-ferret, Arcachon, Libourne, etc.) and abroad. You are welcome to contact me for all your questions and to make an initial appointment to discuss your expectations.

First-time mothers, parents of twins or triplets, mothers who have had a caesarean section, single mothers, parents with atypical working hours, help during the day or night when returning from maternity leave, you want a break at the weekend, etc., I can offer you a range of services. night care services7 days a week, who may be able to help you find solutions and make the most of your baby or babies.

I can also help you with all the administrative formalities for the childcare top-up and creating an account on the pajemploi-Urssaf website. I can also give you advice on your formalities and practical information so that you can get to grips with this aspect, which is still rather complicated for some parents.

I am pleased to announce that I can supplement my babysitting services with workshops for decoding your baby's language from birth. I have just been certified as an instructor in Dunstan Baby Language and I will guide you through private consultations, in groups, by telephone or videoconference to better understand why your baby cries. Each cry corresponds to a need.

Baby's sleep consultation

A birth gift

for someone close to you: give them the gift of nights or a weekend away

laure nurse bordeaux, we talk

Come and listen to my podcast about my job, my passion and myself. Produced by Pauline de Mortain from Nos Liens

A snack and a get-together with babies and parents

On Sunday 3 July 2022, I organised a tea party for the babies and parents who have placed their trust in me. We shared some cakes and fruit juice, and had a great time together. For me, it's very important not to lose touch with the parents and to keep in touch with them to see their little one grow.

laure nurse bordeaux afternoon tea with babies and parents
Night nanny party with parents and babies

There's nothing better than parents' testimonies

The kindness of the parents who have trusted me with their precious little ones is a daily source of inspiration for me. I'm proud to play a part (however small) in the lives of these families, watching over their treasures at night. I thank them for their testimonies who not only comfort me in the mission I've set myself, but also give me the boost I need to do even better for the next families. A BIG THANK YOU again

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